🔸 After you settle on a particular listing you often will have to select options from the drop down menu. Usually they are self explanatory such as the size of the main stone or choice of precious metal - these choices have dramatic effect on the final price of the item. 

🔸 Listing photos feature a few very similar opals which are extremely close in their appearance to the actual opal you are going to receive. I never list the actual opal you will receive, but if you don’t know that you are not going to notice - that’s how close I match opals in every listing. I spent tremendous amount of time and effort getting these listings to this point, so I can now rely on the images to truthfully represent the actual opal I am going to send to any of my customers. I know that they are the same or better than listing photos and put together into one well rounded group that is equal in quality grade, coloring, base tone, exact size, color pattern and other features. 

🔸 I use variations to further differentiate between the opals to create a category for the absolute best quality stones and the remaining opals which are still of great quality just not absolutely flawless like the AAAA which I add into the menu as a slightly more expensive option and price the remaining stones slightly lower.I do not sell any opal that is not meeting my criteria and is graded AAA. I sell average and below quality stones at a different store. This shop has been my best for some time and I don’t risk ruining my reputation, so I am being absolutely honest with my statements. 

🔸AAAA grade also marks those opals that are larger in size and have truly outstanding, rarely occurring colors, extreme intensity and glow, flawless fire throughout or extremely unusual fire pattern and usually in combination with many of these features together in a single gemstone. Purchasing a AAAA opal if in stock guarantees you that you will get the absolute best. 

🔸In contrast, I might specify the color of opal that might be unusually dark in one of the options available in the menu such as deep red colored black opal - a stone was returned to me because the buyer didn’t pay attention that she was purchasing an option saying “deep red color”. I also mark this category as AA

🔸I am asking you to please pay attention to the item description beyond the listing images, select the option you want - not the one you think you can afford now and return later, and if you have any questions please ask me any time:)

10x8mm faceted opal- look how it glows!

Insane colors in a Celtic design setting

Sterling silver black opal engagement ring setting with matching band

9x7mm white base with pink fire and natural tanzanite accents