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🔸 I use my own brand of moissanite - Kissed By Fire Moissanite - professionally manufactured, carefully selected and graded - I do quality assurance check myself, so I can offer only the best quality grade moissanite you can buy almost on any budget and it comes with my personal quality assurance promise. 🔸 I source my moissanite stones directly from the manufacturer who specializes in producing very high quality grade genuine white moissanite for many jewelry stores including some well known jewelry retail chains. They have been perfecting their process of creating the best clarity and color grade moissanite, so that now their stones are comparable in their appearance and value to the moissanite produced by famous brands such as Forever One, Forever Brilliant brands by Charles and Colvard as well as others. 🔸My shop has become known for the high quality of natural opals that I have been offering to my customers for many years. I try to never sell anything mediocre or ordinary - even my simple classic pieces would have their own unique elements while having the same high quality standard when it comes to craftsmanship which defines my entire collection. 🔸 Kissed By Fire moissanite brand is always going to stand for the highest quality genuine moissanite available for less. My quality assurance promise is to always put my best effort, experience and time into my work and also to use my connections to source the best available quality moissanite that the industry has to offer. 🔸 I also bring you moissanite in many exotic colors, which is so much fun to work with in the same high quality standard as I apply to my white moissanite. All colored moissanite stones have great clarity, excellent cut and spectacular sparkling fire in a variety of different beautiful colors and shades. Colored moissanite brings joy into my work and I absolutely love it! White moissanite is a phenomenal alternative to a natural diamond, but without the colorful stones the store will lose its unique appeal and it would have never been so exciting to create the jewelry in the first place. Please read above how to pick the right moissanite color for yourself due to some specific properties of this gemstone. 🔸 My 925 sterling silver rings are always plated with white gold or rhodium, so they will not tarnish and will last you a very long time unlike sterling silver by itself that requires maintenance and regular cleaning. I encourage you to try and purchase my sterling silver moissanite jewelry, because it is made with a different quality standard and looks very polished and smooth thanks to the layer of rhodium plating. 


This post highlights the quality standard I apply to my own brand of moissanite , and there will be another post dedicated to natural fire opal collection, which is mostly done in 925 sterling silver with rhodium plating. 


Please feel free to comment or ask any questions if something requires additional clarification.

Thank you!


An entirely new collection of solid gold rings and bridal sets is being added currently to the shop's selection. 


Have fun shopping for your unique moissanite engagement ring or a stunning bridal set!