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🔸My engagement and bridal jewelry collection appeals to absolutely everyone having the elegant simplicity of the minimalist and classic styles combined with the high quality of all of the materials and craftsmanship made available at more affordable price while having the same high quality standard as the famous brands.

🔸 All of my gold bridal and engagement jewelry collection pieces have the same lustrous and polished finish and fine micro paved details made either with white sparkling moissanite, simulated lab diamonds or usually with genuine natural diamond accent stones which are cut and set with exceptional precision and flawless craftsmanship. 

🔸 My goal is to bring the value and style of the exclusive high end fine jewelry to an average person at a price they can afford which is no different from the expensive brands that charge too much money just for the name. This is the defining practical aspect behind the Kissed By Fire Jewelry brand. 

🔸 In order to make this possible my creative ideas are given physical form by professional jewelry manufacturing companies which supply me with beautifully made 925 Sterling Silver or 14K gold jewelry settings produced exclusively after my own designs. Those settings are later used to create each of the unique finished pieces when I combine one of them with one of those rare and stunning gemstones I constantly search for across the globe for my unique jewelry collections.


🔸 Having the help of my manufacturing partners makes it possible to lower the cost, save time required to individually produce each item myself and significantly improves the overall quality of the final product which is professionally made after my designs at specialized facilities, using the equipment and innovative technologies that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible to me personally. 

🔸 This approach allows me to create my signature affordable jewelry line that has the same level of quality and craftsmanship as you would normally expect to find at high end famous jewelry retail chains. I only design my items and leave the manufacturing process to the professionals who also produce finished jewelry items for many famous brands to be sold at a much higher price compared to what I charge for a very similar product. 

🔸 Over the period of the past two years it was made possible for me to significantly improve the quality of my jewelry, and this happened thanks to a few key partnerships with various manufacturers or direct source gemstone suppliers I acquired as a part of the business growing process. 

I hope you will enjoy the result of my continuing work and tremendous effort I have put into making my jewelry beautiful, unique and at the same time very affordable.