▪️I set the MAXIMUM processing time of 3-4 weeks but it is not always required for every order and the time always varies depending on the number of orders I have to work on, possible delays occurring due to my chronic illness which limits my ability to work, so I am able to work only part time. Sometimes I need to order materials or jewelry settings or I am working on a solid gold item, which requires extra time to make. I work alone, so please be understanding and patient: rushing a handmade item is NOT a good idea, because you might compromise the quality of your item. 


It says that under my profile but I will respond to your message whenever I am working and when I am able to do it. The time can be 5 minutes or 5 days - my situation creates an unpredictable schedule, so due to time lost on having to take frequent breaks, I never have enough time to do everything I want to, so I have to prioritize on tasks such as fulfilling and shipping orders being the most important and proceeding to replies, inquiries etc.,

▪️PLEASE ALWAYS LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY SPECIFIC DATE FOR YOUR ORDER TO BE DELIVERED BY. I can rush one or two orders almost at any time, so please do not keep this to yourself, because if I do not know anything about your order, I will act on the assumption that there are no time restrictions for your order and ship it anytime between 1 week or close to 4 weeks. I will not be able to accommodate your request later when you notify me of the order being time sensitive a day before the deadline. Keep in mind that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE ME WITH THIS INFORMATION. I will not issue a refund for your order if you failed to inform me of an existing deadline. 

▪️Your package will include a printed copy of “Care Instructions" sheet, a highly effective specialized microfiber polishing cloth to maintain your jewelry clean and bright without having to use liquid chemical cleaners, which cannot be used with natural opal.


▪️ I ship my orders with USPS First Class Mail as a FREE SHIPPING default option or I might  upgrade orders to USPS PRIORITY MAIL;

 Decision to upgrade the shipping method is entirely up to my sole discretion and cannot be expected or relied upon for every order.

▪️You can always upgrade shipping to Priority mail or Express mail yourself if you need your item to be delivered sooner. You can upgrade shipping by purchasing this listing:



📌 https://www.etsy.com/listing/665407743/upgrade-to-express-mail-or-priority-mail?ref=listings_manager_grid