▪️Unfortunately, my ability to work is significantly limited by my physical condition due to the chronic fatigue I struggle with, which turns into frequent episodes of complete mental and physical energy “burnout” states, when I am forced to take a break from work entirely and devote my time to rest, restorative yoga and sleep. These “crashes” as I commonly refer to these periods of time, when I am unable to work or function, resolve after a few days to a week, and I can work productively as if I am not different from any healthy individual for some time only to become exhausted again often with no notice or precipitating event...

▪️My health situation is a very personal matter to me, and although I don’t want to disclose anything to the public, I decided to share some details that are relevant to the store’s management and the customer service you should expect. 

Unfortunately, I am working completely alone and my chronic illness requires me to take off some time , which is what causes the issues with so many messages left unanswered for quite some time. I will try to reply back sooner, but if it takes two weeks - please try to be understanding. 

▪️I am doing my best to handle so many issues with running my business being a single mom - I had absolutely no experience in business, and everything for me is a learning curve that takes time and effort since I have absolutely nobody who can help me with the routine tasks required to run this store while I am unavailable. 

And I can only focus on a single task at hand at any given moment, and of course this single person operation requires longer time to process an order than most other shops where a few people can share the work load.

I refuse to compromise quality, so I am not going to rush making the Jewelry. 

 I often get chronically overwhelmed and being a responsible person by nature I always have tremendous anxiety should my chronic illness prevent me from working for periods of time when the store is left unattended, which especially affects communication with customers when many people get an impression of a poorly run store and sloppy customer service if they are unaware of the specific circumstances that prevent me from being able to work fast and be productive every single day.

Instead I have to take breaks from time to time, sometimes over a week long, so maintaining a regular schedule is impossible as well as maintaining regular communication with customers and not accumulating a lot of work that needs to be done that later creates a panic with fulfilling all of the orders within a shorter period of time.... By then many inquiries are already not relevant and there are a lot of people who are very frustrated over not getting a timely response....

Please be patient and keep in mind that I work alone, and I always fulfill orders as my first priority and later turn my attention to messages, which is the reason why there is a delay in replying. Whenever I am unable to work or I am doing something else - I cannot respond to you because I cannot do two things at the same time, so please allow minimum a few days to get a reply to your question/inquiry/expressed concern. 

▪️Regardless of these limitations that I am working under, I am so grateful for this opportunity for me to have a life, to be able to provide for my family in a situation when I cannot hope to hold a regular job due to my inability to work for extended periods of time or maintain a regular schedule. 

This shop allows me to keep working and make my own living without having to depend on the government money to be able to survive.

 I am able to live a life no matter how limited, which can be as rewarding and as fulfilling as a person in my situation can hope to have, so I appreciate this opportunity to finally give my creativity a real chance and the blessing of having my independenc, and will never take it for granted or run this business without being fully invested into making my customers happy with every aspect of their shopping experience. 

'My customer service is not as good as I would like it to be, but I am truly doing my best under the circumstances and I hope that you can understand my situation and not attribute some shortcomings in my recent work to something like my laziness or unwillingness to respond to every message on time and follow up on every question, request or inquiry. 

My communication with customers really takes a long time lately, and I apologize for the inconvenience it has caused anyone. 

I’m hoping this post clarifies a lot for a lot of people who are unaware of the difficulties I have been facing, so I can hope for kind understanding on behalf of the people visiting my shop. 

Thank you so much for your patience and your interest in my work:)

 I will try to catch up with the replies as soon as I can:)