From curiosity to a full time job! Which I love!

This all started with curiosity and evolved into real passion: I chose to focus on the fire Opal not by chance, but out of genuine fascination for this absolutely unique gemstone.

I came across the Ethiopian Welo Opal when I received a small pendant as a gift. I have never seen anything so remarkably beautiful and intriguing as the fire Opal and its glowing colors, which just kept changing and changing as if the gemstone had its own life captured inside its still cold frame.

I have always enjoyed designing something unique mostly clothing when I was in my 20-S and never liked anything "mainstream" as I used to refer to the department store clothes, but never had enough money to shop on 5th Avenue, so I made my own tops, dresses, purses and "antiqued" denim and what not...

Having unique esthetics and being able to express it is most definitely is not anything new to me, but I have not pursued design as a career, since every other girl in NYC thinks if herself as a "designer", so my life took a different turn towards lucrative medical industry, where how white and neat your lab coat was the limit on expressing your "personal style" and no jewelry was ever allowed in surgery.

I no longer can work due to health issues or have any interest in going to clubs to show off my "creations", so when I got that Opal Necklace, which woke up my creativity - I definitely felt inspired to find out more about this gemstone and see more of its unique colors, admire the nature's creativity, which has given us something so absolutely fascinating.

A few month later I have sold one necklace and then another and so it went on slowly developing from a curious hobby into an outlet for my "sleeping" creative potential, which also gave me the opportunity to share my passion with others and develop connections with the best suppliers, so I have decided to slowly start my own jewelry line.

This is where I am right now: building my own brand, which I am passionate about and working with the material, which inspires me, so sharing it with my customers is fun and a
offers a fantastic opportunity to create something very unique and beautiful, which can be enjoyed by others as well.

When it comes to fire opal and its own unique play of color, fire pattern and what I would call its own "personality" - even the classic shapes and designs offer the satisfaction of having something entirely original, irreplaceable and uniquely yours. Like everything created by Mother Nature each fire Opal is different and there will never be another one like that in the entire world.

I hope you will enjoy shopping here, will love the jewelry and will come back often!


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