UNDERSTANDING MOISSANITE: MUST READ 🔸 Also known as ”the Earth’s most brilliant gem” - moissanite is quite literally not out of this world:) 🔸 Harder than emerald, ruby, or sapphire and more brilliant than diamond, moissanite is a gemstone unlike any other. Discovered in a meteorite crater and re-created by the innovators, this stunning stone is known worldwide as The World’s Most Brilliant Gem. With this gem’s hardness second only to diamond, it’s extremely resistant to scratching, abrasion, breaking, or chipping. Jewelry made with this gemstone will maintain its fire and brilliance and will never fade. Eco-friendly, conflict-free, and affordable, moissanite is truly the brilliant alternative to a diamond.  🔸 No One can distinguish between natural Diamond and Moissanite, because moissanite tests positive for a natural diamond when any conventional tester is used.  -  Natural Diamond Hardness is close to 10 and Moissanite Hardness is sometimes an amazing 9.5! Usually it is 9.25, but it is the strongest gemstone after diamond!  - Brilliance/Refractive Index: 2.65 (Better than Mined Diamond's 2.42) Diamond & Moissanite maintains its clarity and sparkle throughout a lifetime. It will not fog up or change color and will last you a lifetime of joy!  🔸 It is really the best investment for something so important in your life - get the best that there is! It is still going to be cheaper than diamond and have more colors in its fire as well.  🔸 Moissanite is a humane, environmentally friendly and cruelty free alternative to a natural diamond which is forever going to be associated with the bloody history of human greed, cruelty of war, human suffering, death and the destruction of the environment which all are the unwanted side effects of the diamond mining.... 🔸 Moissanite revolutionized the conventional mostly diamond based bridal and engagement jewelry industry: this gemstone is absolutely amazing and it was brought to you by human ingenuity and progress - not by child slave labor like in the case with natural diamonds.By choosing moissanite over a diamond you don’t just save money, but you make a responsible decision to no longer support greed and injustice. ___________________Moissanite color change artifact I offer a wide selection of moissanite engagement ring sets with different moissanite colors and shades. Please use the existing listings from my shop to find a photo that best represents your preferred moissanite color and send me a few screenshots, so it is easier for me to really understand what you are looking for in a moissanite. However, please keep in mind that 🔸THE MOISSANITE MAY LOOK MORE INTENSE AND DARK ON THE PHOTOS THAN IN REAL LIFE AND VICE VERSA 🔸 THIS IS DUE TO THE OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF THE MOISSANITE AND NOT AT ALL DUE TO A DEFECT OR SUBSTANDARD QUALITY GRADE OF THIS GEMSTONE.  So choose your moissanite color accordingly and contact me if you need help. Unfortunately, I cannot help much with this issue, because all videos and photos I take will have the same artifact as the listing images If they are taken under the same lighting conditions and viewed from the same angle. This "artifact" which is caused by the intrinsic property of this gemstone which for instance can make a moissanite appear extremely dark at a certain angle and when moved in a different lighting environment it would look much lighter as if it was a different stone. Or like I said it can be the other way around  as well, so it is somewhat hard to predict what a moissanite will look like in a finished piece of jewelry in a particular setting that will inevitably influence the color of the gemstone depending on the metal color and a myriad of of other factors.  Not all moissanite colors are extreme chameleons like that but some shades in particular have a really wide range of shades that might vary from the deepest and darkest gray to dark blue, purple or indigo to light grayish near white colored appearances that are hard to predict or capture on camera with adequate degree of accuracy of color representation. I started to work with moissanite this year and I find this particular trait quite interestin, but if someone is really crazy about certain color it might be disappointing to see it change so dramatically.  Since photos and videos might occasionally not be the most reliable way to select your preferred moissanite color you might want to describe your preferred shade of moissanite in words in the personalization section, so I know if I should use a slightly lighter or slightly darker moissanite for your ring as a simpler way to convey your idea of the moissanite color.  I will continue to observe and learn more about the moissanite properties and study its features and optical properties and what makes up each individual moissanite type change its colors more than others. ________________________________________________________________________ For the most part the photos of moissanite I have in my listings throughout the store are very reliable in describing the actual moissanite color that you will receive, so the color changes I am trying to describe here are more of an anomaly rather than a common rule for each moissanite color and each shade.  ▪️MAJORITY OF MOISSANITE GEMSTONES ARE DESCRIBED ACCURATELY WITH THEIR ACTUAL COLOR BEING REPRESENTED IN LISTING PHOTOS TRUE TO THE ACTUAL COLOR IT HAS IN REAL LIFE ▪️_________________________________________________________ Drastic color change is a rare phenomenon when it comes to moissanite and is unlikely to affect whether you love the piece of jewelry you purchased or not. Most moissanite gemstones in various colors stay true to the same shade with minor variations in brightness or intensity____________________ ✅ QUALITY STANDARD FOR MOISSANITE JEWELRY: 🔸 I use my own brand of moissanite - Kissed By Fire Moissanite - professionally manufactured, carefully selected and graded - I do quality assurance check myself, so I can offer only the best quality grade moissanite you can buy almost on any budget and it comes with my personal quality assurance promise. 🔸 I source my moissanite stones directly from the manufacturer who specializes in producing very high quality grade genuine white moissanite for many jewelry stores including some well known jewelry retail chains. They have been perfecting their process of creating the best clarity and color grade moissanite, so that now their stones are comparable in their appearance and value to the moissanite produced by famous brands such as Forever One, Forever Brilliant brands by Charles and Colvard as well as others. 🔸My shop has become known for the high quality of natural opals that I have been offering to my customers for many years. I try to never sell anything mediocre or ordinary - even my simple classic pieces would have their own unique elements while having the same high quality standard when it comes to craftsmanship which defines my entire collection. 🔸 Kissed By Fire moissanite brand is always going to stand for the highest quality genuine moissanite available for less. My quality assurance promise is to always put my best effort, experience and time into my work and also to use my connections to source the best available quality moissanite that the industry has to offer. 🔸 I also bring you moissanite in many exotic colors, which is so much fun to work with in the same high quality standard as I apply to my white moissanite. All colored moissanite stones have great clarity, excellent cut and spectacular sparkling fire in a variety of different beautiful colors and shades. Colored moissanite brings joy into my work and I absolutely love it! White moissanite is a phenomenal alternative to a natural diamond, but without the colorful stones the store will lose its unique appeal and it would have never been so exciting to create the jewelry in the first place. Please read above how to pick the right moissanite color for yourself due to some specific properties of this gemstone. 🔸 My 925 sterling silver rings are always plated with white gold or rhodium, so they will not tarnish and will last you a very long time unlike sterling silver by itself that requires maintenance and regular cleaning. I encourage you to try and purchase my sterling silver moissanite jewelry, because it is made with a different quality standard and looks very polished and smooth thanks to the layer of rhodium plating. ______________________________________________________________ MOISSANITE BRAND: NOW I ADDED MOISSANITE GOLD ENGAGEMENT RINGS AND BRIDAL SETS TO MY EXCLUSIVELY OPAL HEAVEN! I came across moissanite rcentury and I am absolutely fascinated by its potential to completely replace the need and interest in natural diamonds with somethi that is cruelty free and is stunning! KISSED BY FIRE MOISSANITE About the origin of the gems and my plans to sell it as a more valuable moissanite than just any unbranded stone who nobody knows where it came from....My moissanite is going to be the best quality I can find and I will not overcharge like the others do...I buy loose moissanite stones for my rings directly from a manufacturer who actually specializes in producing very high quality grade genuine white moissanite in bulk to supply jewelry store chains including some high end ones. This company put such emphasis on the color and clarity of their moissanite, that now after perfecting their process their stones are produced in surprisingly great quality, which usually is associated only with well known brands such as Forever One brand by Charles and Colvard. This is wonderful news and I am happy to be able to offer beautiful jewelry for less than it would cost somewhere else. But I will need to identify my moissanite stones in a way that separates it from any unbranded loose moissanite that can be of average or low quality and not hold the same value as the Jewelry I offer. For this I will be creating my own moissanite brand: Kissed By Fire MoissaniteMy shop has become well known for the high quality of the natural opals that I offered to my customers for many years. I never sell anything ordinary - only the best, rare and unique - regarding my designs or the quality grade of my gems. I will continue this tradition and will bring it into my new collection, which I am working on right now.Kissed By Fire Moissanite brand going to have certain permanent characteristics and features. The shapes and sizes of the stones will be different but you can always count on:1. You have the best possible quality grade of moissanite: DEF colorless white genuine moissanite. I never buy any other colors except the white, which is valuable because it is what makes moissanite look like a diamond.2. Your moissanite has been carefully selected for its clarity and color and I purchased it to use in my bridal jewelry collection.3. The moissanite you have has hearts and arrows cut and under the sun it will sparkle with every shade of the rainbow spectrum. To have a diamond in this color and clarity is not something ordinary people can afford, so enjoy your conflict free diamond alternative, which is actually more beautiful and colorful than a diamond can ever be.4. The moissanite in your ring has a higher value than ordinarily attributed to a moissanite of this size. This is because it is nearly internally flawless and is extremely white, so nobody will ever guess that it could be anything but a real natural diamond.5. A moissanite tests positive for a natural diamond, so to determine what is what is possible only by asking for professional gemologist help or take it to a lab.6. Moissanite is not only more beautiful than a diamond but it also diverts funding from the murderous trade of mining diamonds, which is usually performed by slave laborers or little kids. Moissanite is made in a lab - it is clear because of this and it is also clearer in a figurative sense as well. Hopefully diamond trade will take heavy losses and ceases to exist. We have something better now!7. You have bought this engagement ring at a very affordable price for the actual value you are receiving with it. I am not a greedy person and I am happy to help people own beautiful things and not rip a whole in your wallet at the same time.8. My certainty about the quality of my jewelry and gemstones does not rest on words and assumptions - I actually perform all of the quality assurance protocol myself using my own knowledge, experience and my time.