People use stock photos, lie that they are a jeweler, sell simulated diamond instead of moissanite, overcharge people if they have beautiful photos of their jewelry.
    And the worst part is probably the fact that manufacturers from eBay and Alibaba.com finally got on Etsy and they have certain advantages that normal people cannot compete with them fairly.
    Good thing is is that some scammers who my mom repopte to Etsy are no longer here fo using stock ph from eBay and Alibaba and pass those rings as something they actually make... They didn’t even bother to tame their own photos to not get in trouble!
    They charged people thousands upon thousands for mass oroduced rings they were dropshipping from China or India....
    others take handmade i dian Jewelry and pass it off as their own - it seems like I am the only idiot on Etsy who plays by the rules and doesn’t make any money...
  • Black Opal Listings: Guide and Tips

    🔸Red color in black opals is the one that's the most appreciated and sought after. It is a more rarily occuring color in all natural opals. Red colored fire also makes the opal look so much brighter, so no wonder it is almost always the preferred color among the vast majority of my customers so far.

    🔸But not all of the opals I have in stock have the same amount of red fire in them and each opal is unique, but over time I have noticed a few common traits for some of them, which helped me to organize my inventory and price my jewelry more accurately.
    There are about 4 -5 most common fire color variations, which some opals do have in common, so I would like to outline them for you as well to help you choose the best option for your personal style and budget.
  • United Colors of the Black Opal

    Celtic inspired silver ring designs made with incredibly vivid multicolored black faceted opals!
  • One more stunning white base Opal!

    Check out the Special Occasion section in the shop for new unexpectedly unique arrivals, which will cheer up your day!

    These opals look SO MUCH BETTER IN REAL LIFE that it almost makes me want to cry: I simply can't show their unique beauty on camera no matter how hard I try to....
  • Amazing Victorian Style Opal Cabs: people asked me twice today where I bought this ring! Lol

    I love getting compliments about my jewelry when I go somewhere: it's such a confidence booster! Yay!

    And some more pics here

    Chances of damaging your opal if it is permanently set into a jewelry setting increase if it is exposed to cold and hot temperatures by suddenly and rapidly changing its outside environment. ( Getting out of the car to some place warm (office, restaurant) is fine, but watching the Ball Drop in NYC to celebrate New Year's Eve will destroy your opal as will shoveling snow before getting inside your car or walking your dog in the subzero temperature with the opals still on)
  • We got a powerful video upgrade to what claims to be full HD. I got a Vimeo account for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Lol

    What makes my shop different is the approach towards presenting my items to potential customers, which includes videos as the most objective way to show an opal's fire quality.
    High definition videos can be found on VIMEO.COM/KISSEDBYFIREJEWELRY- please check in for new uploads of every new batch of opals I receive.

    Another very important distinction is that my goal is to make this shop associated with high quality of opal jewelry, which will be maintained at the highest possible level by continuously upgrading the Sterling silver setting collection and adding new original designs, which will be available in stock most of the time. And of course keeping the same standard of the opal quality grade , which is now AAA grade or higher.
    I will not compromise by selling inferior gems just to make a quick buck. Anything that is not a AAA will not be offered for sale at my shop starting this year.

    This shop has amazing potential and the resources to become a really fun interactive and customer oriented retailer, so the upcoming year is going to be very exciting and busy.

    Thank you for reading

    Have fun with your holiday shopping: I hope I have been doing a good job shipping orders on time:) 🎁🛍🎄😽

  • The shop will be open December 2nd

    Lovely black Opal ring:)
  • Too much work and very little time

    The size does matter: I admit, that larger opals gain from having that extra surface to view the play of color and have even better jaw dropping neon glowing fire.
    It's like watching a movie on a 50" screen TV after using your laptop 😹😹😹

    Very true anology by the way: make sure to check out the "Big Collection" with its best few rare finds, which I decided to experiment with.

    The result is overwhelming- I am forever addicted to opals now)
  • Why feedback is so important for sellers ...

    My favorite design of the day: it looks like a berry or a fruit.... And is so light with just that rich red color glowing strong....

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